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Best investment I have made for my business...

Before I found Party Rental Studio, I was losing customers when I couldn't pick up the phone or when we were closed for the day and my website was static with information only. Now, my customers have access to order online 24/7 and I get less information request calls and more order calls. Party Rental Studio has been the best investment I have made for my business.

Party Rental Solution offered me exactly what I needed to grow my business without the software, effort and not much money. I would highly recommend Party Rental Studio!

This rental software has made my life easier...

I'm no stranger to the online booking systems as I have tried them all and that's no joke. But there's only one that has truly empowered our customers to do it themselves and that is Party Rental Studio.

We own several businesses and two of them use this software. We're not your mom and pop retail store. We generate half a million a year between the two businesses and this rental software has made my life easier. We are all about taking care of our customers first and believe me, Party Rental Studio takes care of us so that allows us to work on what's best and that's making sure our company grows. The software is easy to setup and be configured how you like it.

We have been a customer for a long time and will continue to grow with them as long as they are offering this wonderful product.

I've been so impressed with the customer service...

At first, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to customize as much as I wanted. I loved the fact that the website and software were connected and would work together. I also wanted to be sure it was mobile friendly. Now that we're fully utilizing the full benefits of the software, I'm finding how easy and all inclusive it is. With the calendar, invoice system and the build in website it's very user friendly once it's set up.

I've been so impressed with the customer service. We aren't fluent in software and website building and had many questions along the way. Each time, we spoke directly with someone and had the issue fixed within a short period of time. I also made specific requests for the website and those were accommodated.

I love the real time inventory availability...

My biggest concern was finding a company that was familiar and knowledgeable about the bounce house/party rental industry. There are other companies out there that claim to understand this specific industry but it's a false claim so that made me skeptical at first to try this product but I'm glad I gave Party Rental Studio a shot. They truly understand the party rental industry and what we require.

I love the real time inventory availability. It's so useful and allows me to save time that I can use on other aspects of running my business. It makes the customer online booking experience so much easier. Party Rental Studio is very easy to use. I'm not the most tech savvy person but I can easily manage the software. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to use.

I highly recommend Party Rental Studio. It offers everything you need at an affordable price. It will help take your company to the "next level".

Walter is great to work with. He is always available to assist you. Customer service is really important to me when working with another company and Walter has always given me A+ service. I look forward to continue using Party Rental Studio.

Everything I need to manage my business...

Party Rental Studio has been a big help to my business! The software is innovative and user friendly. The product offers everything you would need to manage your business & the price is unbeatable.

The staff at Party Rental Studio was very helpful throughout the setup process and they continue to provide superior customer service with any website changes and questions.

I'm glad that we decided to use Party Rental Studio and I highly recommend their product and services!!!

They won't regret going with your software...

I've been using your system for a few months now and I love it! By far, the absolute very best app that I've found. I have went through a solid 15-20 different applications, testing every single one for days and weeks before finally finding your system, and as I said, I love it and is all I have been using and will ever use. Thank you so much!

At first, I didn't really know exactly what it was or does, which was okay because when I asked for a sample or a trial, it was quickly given, and when there was a question, there was a quick response and etc. So easy to work with 100%. The business that I'm running is an event planning, designing and rental brand and this system has everything setup exactly for that. From flat rate fees, to overriding prices and tier prices, and even just manually adding something to an order if something.

I would recommend your software, most definitely. If I knew that that one was trying to running a business with same model as my own, I KNOW that they won't regret going with your software over any other app or site. I'm confident.

Customer service is second to none...

This is an AWESOME product! This product allows me to take orders while I sleep or away from my computer for any reason.

The customer service is second to none! EVERY concern I've had has been addressed in a timely manner. The majority of the concerns I've had have been due to my lack of knowledge of the system.

Other than that the system is a MUST purchase!

Open to new upgrades to satisfy my needs...

Being a new rental business one of my largest hurdles was keeping track of inventory and not double booking. Party Rental Studio was able to take care of this need and many more needs.

The website and back office package is second to none for my business. The customer support is quick to respond and always open to new upgrades to satisfy my needs. I recommend Party Rental Studio for any rental business.

I would recommend Party Rental Studio to anyone...

To be honest I was looking at both hosting my own store and another online store for party rentals besides Party Rental Studio and went with them for 2 simple reasons, the customer service and the willingness to tailor their product as much as possible to what it is I needed done.

My family made a bad decision in a partnership that has left me rebuilding the rubble that is our family business and Party Rental Studio has made the online store aspect of our rebuild painless so I could concentrate on all the other issues of running a business. I would recommend Party Rental Studio to anyone looking to build an online rental store.

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